Reverse vending machine Tomrobtos Model: L100

  • 1) One entrance for PET or CAN
  • 2) Weight sensor, Water bottles with liquid will be rejected
  • 3) QR code scanning to identify users to login
  • 4) Automatic alert via APP once the machineis almostfull
  • 5) 4G network
  • 6) Auto reject system
  • 7) GPS Global satellite positioning
  • 8) Atmospheric light
  • 9) Anti-collision protection.
  • 10) Automatic door.
Product description

1 QR code scanning to indentify userto login

2 anti-collision protection

When the door touches the hand, it will automatically retract with anti-collision protection.


3 AI camera

An AI camera is also in place for shape recognition and will automatically reject any foreign objects that do not fit the deposit criteria.

4 Print receipts or coupons.

5 Weight sensor

A weight sensor is installed to ensure that the recyclables deposited are empty of all fluids. Recyclables with fluid will be automatically rejected and returned to user.


6 Automatic alert via APP once the machineis almostfull

Machine will notify the administrator via Cloud technology once the capacity is filled.

7 beautiful and shinning light box on the top, shows the brand logo

8 external monitoring



21.5 inch touch screen 
Power supply:
220-240V, 5A single phase
Power consumption:
For indoor use.
Relative humidity:
Max 90% - non-condensing.
Thermal printer:
for text, logos ,barcodes, coupon