Guangzhou Leesche Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Leesche Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, in order to develop innovative solutions for Smart Waste Management & Environment. we focus on Smart Waste Management industry including; Smart Reverse Vending Machines, Smart Waste Management Solutions.

By 2020 operational focus has moved towards to become a complete manufacturer & specialist on Smart Reverse Vending Machines & solar bin with compactor.

Deposit or Non Deposit Law country, TomRobots aims to bring the habit of using intelligent reverse vending machines to the world by providing tailor-made solutions for partners and customers.

We hope to develop continuously to develop high-tech solutions and provide high-end standard services.

TomRobots Logo

Tom Robots represents the reverse vending machine (RVM) produced by us, which is as sensitive and intelligent as a robot. The founder of the company is Tom, so we named it Tom Robots

Enterprise Honor

Tom robots won the first place in the 8th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangdong Guangzhou Division) with the project "smart cloud - Smart garbage classification SaaS big data service platform"

In order to give full play to the transformation role of the achievements of the innovation fair and further promote the accelerated docking and landing of the blue and blue competition projects, on December 23, it was hosted by the China Innovation assignment office and jointly undertaken by Panyu District Science, industry, commerce and Information Bureau, Panyu District Science, technology and finance comprehensive service center, Lianhui and Guangzhou giant creative industry park; Tom robots won the first prize in this "new entrepreneurship

Patents And Soft Books

TomRobots has more than 60 practical patents and soft copyrights of computer technology. On the development path of waste classification products and application management system, it is people-oriented, with the purpose of accelerating the reduction, recycling and harmlessness of waste classification. It focuses on exploring and solving the problems in each link of waste classification, purposefully developing corresponding strategies and formulating feasible solutions, so as to make positive contributions to the national environmental sanitation



1. Consumer buys plastic bottle(PET) and pay a deposit.

2. The consumer returns the empty container to a reverse vending machine(RVM)

3. The consumer gets an instant reward receipt or E-Receipt

4. The reverse vending machine(RVM) identifies the beverage containers involved in the deposit return program.

5. Pure pollution-free materials can be used to manufacture new beverage containers or other products

6. Less bottles and cans end up in landfill, sustaining our environment


1.Participate in the China Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition and win the environmental protection group championship in 2019.

2. We got a high score of 94.10 in the competition.

3. The picture shows the awarding ceremony.